Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Swingers?
People who swing come from all back grounds. Some are from different economic levels, job classifications, races and nationalities. Physically you will see all types; tall or short, skinny or fat, young or old, and everything in between. The age range is 20 to 60, but most couples are in their 30's. Swingers tend to be adventuresome, emotionally mature, and have excellent relationships with their spouse, family and friends. Swingers are just ordinary people with normal sexual desires just like you. Most swingers are pleasant people who want to form friendships that will include the warmth of sexual expression and intimacy.

How do I get my wife interested in swinging?
Swinging is not for everyone and maybe your wife is one of those who shouldn't. Show her you love her no matter what her decision is. Take your time. Let her get comfortable with the whole idea. Start with non-threatening situations. If she likes to dance, go to one of the dances. Don't ever pressure her or make her feel guilty for not swinging. Above all, take your time and meet the right people.

How do I bring up the subject of swinging to get her interested?
Communication is the most important thing! This is biggest cause of swinging couples problems. You should have good communications if you are going to swing. Talk about your fantasies. Talk about everything!!! We can't stress it enough!

How do we start?
Depends on your situation and where you live. If you have a club near you, visit it. If you live in some of the more backwards parts of the world you will have to be more creative. Now a days the future is on-line. You might be amazed at how many couples you will find on the Internet.

How do we meet couples?
Come to one of our dances. If you are particularly nervous ask your host to introduce you to other couples. But if the dance is busy we are not always able to do this, so take the initiative. Other ways to meet other couples are to answer on-line ads and regular ads. Go to the swing clubs. Be out-going!

We are going to a dance, what should we wear?
Dress depends on the dance so ask your host. Some dances have a theme, but in most cases the dress code will usually be casual, but neat. No jeans or T-shirts. Remember, you are trying to make a good impression.

How do we find clubs in our area?
Swingers are almost everywhere, but finding them can be difficult. Check your local adult book or video store for any local swing publications, or advertise on-line or in print. Many couples answer ads, but never place them.

Now we have met a couple, what happens now?
Don't be shy. Make arrangements. Talk with the other couple and find out the ground rules, and tell them yours. Don't wait till the heat of the moment.

What about safe sex?
Many couples insist on it, some don't. It is a personal decision for you. Never let anyone tell you not to use protection, if that is your wish.

What about STD's? (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)

See our STD Information page.

One or both of us are a little overweight. Should we wait till we lose weight to swing?
It's always nice to lose a little weight if you need to, but don't let that stop you. You will find all shapes and sizes of couples at dances.

What is the most important things you can tell us about swinging.